"Walkin' by Myself" is Sebastian Lane's debut album. The title itself stems from Sebastian's deep roots in music history. Walking By Myself was the name of one of his grandfather, Jimmy Rogers, most recognizable pieces of work and this is where the idea initially came from. The name also stems from several of Sebastian's personal experiences that he draws inspiration from for the songs on this album. The first song on the album, "Tired" directly reflects the album title and was written at a time in Sebastian's life where he was going through a breakup from a long term relationship. In the song, he reflects on the struggle of finding ones self in a position where you are on your own again, walking by yourself, and tired of trying to figure out a solution to problems within interpersonal relationships. 

Aside from the one cover of "Catfish Blues", every song is an original composition written by Sebastian with personal experiences being the foundation. Another song directly reflecting this writing style and the album title is "Mama". In this song he reflects on the topic of parental abuse and neglect. Although he doesn't always like to talk about his past, but as a child, Sebastian and his younger brother went through a very difficult experience involving child abuse where ultimately they were separated from their biological mother. In an interview with Focus Magazine, Sebastian states, " doesn't get any more real than the song Mama which I wrote about growing up without a mother after suffering from abuse as a child.". A song like this could easily have been taken down a negative path, but if you listen, you will see how he developed the song as more of a reflective memoir. 

This album not only exudes an interesting style of lyrical writing, but supports some very powerful musicianship, especially in the area of guitar. It features blues legend, Eric Gales as well as another rising star, Christone "Kingfish" Ingram. Eric Gales takes on some smooth lead guitar parts on the track "Jezebel" while Kingfish lays down a thrashing lead guitar section on the track "Catfish Blues". As the only cover on the album, Catfish Blues also digs into some of Sebastian's music history. The legend goes, Catfish Blues was originally written by an artist by the name of Robert Petway, who was around for a couple years before disappearing and never being heard from again. In later years, Catfish blues was actually re-written and cover by Sebastian's Grandfather, Jimmy Rogers and his good friend Muddy Waters. After that, the rest is history. Catfish blues went on to be covered by many artists including Jimi Hendrix where he titled the track "Rollin' Stone". This in turn, is where the Rolling Stones got their name from, and I think we've all heard of them. Sebastian's father Jimmy D. Lane covers the song on his album "Long Gone" where it holds the name "Rollin' Stone" and one of Sebastian's largest influences, Gary Clark Jr. covers a very similar version on his live album.

"Walkin' by Myself" began as a project to continue his family legacy and support blues and rock music as it evolves, and also to expose Sebastian Lane and the Sebastian Lane Band to the world of music lovers and supporters. But we have a feeling, this is just the beginning.  


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Instrumental single - This Life (2017)

This Life was written as a solo acoustic project as a tribute to all of the patients, doctors, and staff that Sebastian was surrounded by in his journey through medicine thus far. It was written while in a relationship with his first true love as they struggled with balancing the pressures demanded by medical school and pursuing such a rewarding career, while still trying to enjoy the beauty of life together. Love, passion, and dedication are at the route of this track and we think you'll be able to hear it in every note.


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